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- Leavenworth's Toughest Running Event -

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Thank you for making the 2022 Havens Trail Race the best yet.

11 Miler Results | 5.5 Miler Results

--> 2022 Photos by John Knepper <--

Past Photos: [ 2021 | 2019 | 2019 Additional | 2018 ]

Todd Chandler's Recap Video:

Past Videos: [ 2021 | 2017 ]

Special thanks to our sponsors!

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Leavenworth Bicycle Club

Thanks to our volunteers:

Anita Gonzalez - ran the aid station with some helpers!
Buddy Wooten - Runner check-in
Dan Jarrell - Timing
Jennie Wooten & Mary Schwartz - Made all the sandwiches and muffins

Todd Chandler for the video
John Knepper for the amazing photos
Last but not least - Chris Hendrickson who built all the trails and helped mark the course! (and made the awards)

Now what you've all been waiting for, quiz results!

(if you want to check your answers or see the quiz again - click here)

Yes... I realize the quiz had some problems. I did go back in and individually grade everyone's to award just points.
Lessons learned for next year!
Last year's quiz focused on items on the race course, this year's focused on clues on the web pages.
As the course changes every year, so will the quiz... what will next year's be?

Some notes:
- Don't worry everyone got their name wrong.
- The beer equation may have been a bit fluid... but closest answers: Cecilia, Nicole
- Funny answers from Jay: anagram: Ohhellno / Day of the week: Yo Momma
- The link to the 2020 pictures by John Knepper simply went to a Google image search for corona virus, the race had been canceled
- No one got the Stranger Things premiere date: But I wouldn't have either. Too many options, and this was kinda testing to see if you were googling?
- Sheriff's Name Anagram was: Race Director (Acer Rodicter) - only correct answer: Nicole
(Kevin said Peyton Manning, pretty funny)
- Almost everyone got Boulevard Brewing 1989 right.
- I was kind of shocked to see all the wheat pennies
- Havens was founded in 1949
- Most people knew Olympus Mons is on Mars and the Stranger Things theme played on the website
Only one person got the correct decoding challenge... was it a lucky guess or did they actually do it??

So the winners are: overall winner Suzie, and Alina for the decoding challenge.
Congrats! You each win a $20 Taco Bell gift card!
Full standings below.

Suzie - 154
Dustin - 110
Alina - 109
Whit - 96
Peter - 96
Nicole - 87
Sean - 79
Gerry - 78
Chad - 52
Cecilia - 51
Luka - 50
Jay - 42
Cody - 37
Paul - 35
Kevin - 31
Scott - 27


The Havens Race, as always, brought to you by:


Lost and found... 1 item: