10 Mile / 5 Mile - November 20th 2021 8:00am/8:30am
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- Leavenworth's Toughest Running Event to Date -

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Thank you for your interest, and hopefully coming out. The Trail Mob has been building mountain bike and running trails at Havens Park for a decade (ok like 8 years). It is mostly a one-man show... Chris Hendrickson has done most of it. Throughout the years though there have been many volunteers helping in many ways. Your participation will help fund trail maintenance and expansion. 100% of all proceeds will benefit the Trail Mob and the Leavenworth Bicycle Club who endeavor to encourage outdoor activities in Leavenworth of the physical and trail minded kind! We have also been instrumental in developing Havens Park and focusing interest there: paved trails, benches, hopefully one day a restroom facility (we had the old one torn down!). There was even talk of a disc-golf course here as well. Your participation helps fuel these endeavors and 100% volunteer efforts. Thank you for coming out!! We encourage you to join the Trail Mob Facebook group where there are often work-days posted.


The City acquired ten acres in 1949 and the remaining 55 acres were donated to the City by the Anthony family to honor Mrs. Frannie Anthony's family, the Havens. There was mining here. There was a go-cart track here! (and yes you will run on a tiny bit of it). There have been quite a few trail races here before. 5ks in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.... and look what happened in 2014. Here is a bit from the email I got:

"I realize that I just E-mailed everyone yesterday (Wednesday --- 02-26-14) that we would run our race in any weather.

 Running in 4” of snow merely adds to the adventure --- BUT --- now, they are calling for freezing rain on Friday and Saturday !!!  This takes the weather conditions from adventuresome to dangerous conditions.  Therefore, we have made the decision on the side of safety and we are canceling the Havens Wooded 5K Trail Run on Saturday (03-01-14).

 We will be refunding everyone their $30.00 registration fee."

So -- as you can see it was canceled for weather in March 2014. We hope to NOT cancel for ANY reason this year. Just showing you some history... that was a long time ago. We have improved waivers now. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 were in November. 2013... spilled into 2014 which was canceled. After that ... NO MORE RACES... until.....

Trail Mob 2017. And 2018 and 2019. Then 2020. But we aren't chancing March again. Now: er... um now. So its 2021. Time to run at Havens again!

Also dang. $30 in 2014 for a 5k? This race is looking better all the time isn't it!? (it's still $30 for the 5 miler)

So let's see... here are some past runs:

Five Trails Half Marathon / Buffalo Bell Half Marathon (same course): I have run it multiple times.
13.1 Miles - Road - 820ft gain. X

Rudolph's Red Nose Run 7.2 Tuff Miles: I have run multiple times
7.2 miles - Road - 430ft gain. X

Amanda Holmes 5k - This one is TOUGH! But it is only 5k.

That's it. Those are the only contenders. There has been a full marathon on Fort Leavenworth and 1 Ultra that I know of (19 hour run)... but as for Leavenworth proper? You got it. This is it. This is Leavenworth's Toughest Run.

Havens Trail Run 2021 - 9.6 Miles - Trail - 930+ft gain.

Check out Todd Chandler's video about our event in 2017:


What's the actual information

Fine! Let's see if these answer your questions?


2201 Ottawa Leavenworth. Race will start in far northwest corner of parking lot. There should be plenty of parking available. Parking near skatepark, ballfields, and if desperate enough along Ottawa street.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate dogs at our event. No dogs at all please.

Recommend ½-1 beer prior to run and as many as needed after. Unfortunatley there is no officially authorized alcohol at Sportsfield.

Race morning only. Should only take a moment and oh yeah please sign the waiver.

Only guaranteed SWAG will be a NICE Thermal shirt. Fit? Probably about what you would expect. It's not tech. Cottonish but comfy! Hopefully it looks good. Covid ruined everything including my shirt and color selection! Ok so shirt and there will be prizes for top finishers. We also hope to have more SWAG guaranteed but details still coming.


MUST SIGN UP BY OCTOBER 26th 11:59pm for a guaranteed SIZE shirt! (we will likely have some extras though)

Most likely - Update... Chili. Lots of it. Multiple Chilis including Vegan. Also, my literally award winning Chili. (it won an award) 1st place Chili really good Chili. Also Vegan Chili but also first place award winning chili made by the RD. After typing chili so many times I decided I do not like the way it is sepelled. It's annyoing.

3 hours for each race. This is an 18min pace but it's going to be loosely enforced. This is just to give you a goal. If you finish in 3:09 or 3:39 you will not get a DNF. (you'll make 3 hours) (if its really any longer than 3:39 though, probably dont sign up or just plan on no finish? 22:49/mile)

If you drop from 10 to 5... well, that's your business I suppose. Not eligible for 5 mile awards if dropping to 5. Also you might regret it or get made fun of. Probably just do what you planned on?

Awaiting results from recent study on "really dumb but also hard races" (don't hold your breath)

Here ya go! x2 of course for 10 milers:

In the event of a photo finish (we don't have photo finish) there will be a duel.

Conquered. (you know, like a 14er?)

Cats are allowed. No numbers. Must run entirety of same event as participant. Eligible for substantial reward pending verification of results.

Do you think this is Colorado? Arkansas? (T-Mobile customers probably F'ed as usual)

Mostly. Forgive me for the pavement. All in the name of parking.

Already covered.

Don't go there. Protect yourself.

Yes there will be a quiz. PAY ATTENTION when you are running!

Race Series:

How does 4 10 milers in 6 weeks sound? Havens will be the 1st of 4 potential 10 milers in 6 weeks between Nov 20 - Jan 1. Keep up to date at www.wycowolfpack.com/#events

Course Description:

Start off in the parking lot for the skatepark and the ballfields in the NW corner. There you will enter a short bit on a paved pedestrian trail around the ballfields to the park.

Cross a road and enter the park on the road. Run down to the end of the road in the park. Congratulations you have reached the trail.

From here it will be rolling rocky/technical terrain that will have you watching where you step or tripping. This is also a mountain bike trail so there are some fun obstacles, but absolutely everything is 100% runnable. It will be plenty hilly, but perhaps not as hilly over a short time as in years past. About 450ft. gain for each 4.8 mile loop.

Trail has some turns but will be signed. There is only one small part on the inner loop where you will do a repeat (out/back) the rest of the 4 miles of trail are not repeated.

You will be challenged. There are open sections, hilly sections, extremely technical sections and very tight switchbacks.

Thankfully, in November we shouldn't have to worry about: ticks, snakes, poison ivy, & spider webs... but keep your eye out these trails are tricky.

Those completing two loops... come back across the mat for your split and head out and do it all over again, but faster this time! -Only negative splits count as finishes.- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Course Map:
havens trail run small
The trail will be well marked, but in case you want a detailed description, it is provided below.

Course Route:
- Start in the parking lot near the Leavenworth Skate Park - trail begins on asphalt trail around ball fields and enters Havens Park (look for the large Havens Park sign!) then down the main road of the park to the end where you will enter the trail. This is about .6 miles, so... 1.2 total miles for the 5 miler or 2.4 total miles for the 10 miler is on asphalt... the rest is trail!
- At the end of the road there is a road loop to your right, and the trail enters to the left through an archway. GO LEFT here. Later, this is where you will come back out from the right.
- Continue on the lovely 3 rock trail following the pink flags, crossing a bridge, running around a platform and crossing an asphalt trail twice to continue on the dirt trail.
- After crossing the second asphalt trail you head up a hill for a short time and take a hard right to complete the inner loop.
- The inner loop is a .9 mile lollipop you go out, left up a hill, complete the lollipop, and then straight back to where you entered the inner-loop. It will be well marked.
- After completing the inner loop head back up the rest of the hill where you will run on two wooden sections and some rolling wooded trails.
- There will be an aid station at the 2.7 mile mark.
- Bonnie & Clyde is a short section of switchbacks which you take a left into and when you come out, a right.
- Follow the Al-Capone trail down a nice hill where you can really let it rip!
- Enter the woods again at glass house. Pay attention to the markings here but you are almost done. Cross one more asphalt trail and bomb-down the hill.
- Emerge where you entered the woods to start with and retrace your steps to the start line.
- Those doing two loops... head to the start line, and head back out to do it all again.
(just kidding about the negative splits) ʘ‿ʘ  
Other stuff:  
Check out some amazing photos from our last run in 2019 by John Knepper.

- There will be Chili provided after the run for all participants and volunteers including Vegan and Meat Chili!

- John Knepper will once again be taking amazing photos AND he told me he got an even better camera!? Imposserible! (seriously look at the previous pics)

- Thermal Long-Sleeve shirt included to wear to Christmas dinner and tell everyone how badass you are (after they ask).

- Prizes for M/F 1-2-3 in both distances for 12 total awards.

- Free entry for raffle.

- No beer, unless you like foamy apple juice from a red solo from your trunk.

- Hardrock qualifier.

- 10 pts for UTMB.

- Western States Golden Ticket.