10 Mile / 5 Mile - November 20th 2021 8:00am/8:30am
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- Leavenworth's Toughest Running Event to Date -

Week of Race Update!

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11-19-2021 9:28pm

Weather is looking good! Wait... why are you reading this you should be sleeping!

Wait... why am I writing this I should be sleeping!

See you in the morning. Nothing has changed... dream happy dreams of running trails.


Update to the update....

Literally another 20 or so of those (stumps - today 11/16) were taken out. We care about you. Yes those. 49% less tripping!

There will be aid station/race provisions at the start line and at 2.7m/ 7.5m aid station. Pickles, chips, gel, water, thats it! Get it!

Good Evening!
I hope you enjoyed the Chiefs game, or just a pretty splendid Sunday night in November.

We are less than a week away from the Havens Trail Run and I wanted to mention a few things.

First… I am humbled – we are sold out! Only took 70 slots to make this a sold out event, but indeed it is. This will be almost twice as many runners that have ever run at a Havens event! We’re excited for all of you to see the trails.

If you did by chance sign up after October 26th… we may not have your size shirt or a shirt at all. I may be able to get some more after the race and mailed out, but no promises. I am trying as hard as possible to at least get everyone a shirt.

Have you ever heard of The Barkley Marathons or Three Days of Syllamo? You have!? Cool. Our event is nothing like those.

We do though, have a couple things in common with those two events. 1) Our course changes every year, and now in its 7th iteration has never been the same. 2) Someone gets off course every year. Every. Single. Year. Someone (including me in 2008) has gotten off course.

If this happens! Do not panic. Remember this is not life or death. You are here for fun. If no one gets lost, was it even a trail race? It will be signed as well as possible and we will hopefully have some course monitors… but be prepared to pay attention. Look for the signs and markings. Will you be upset about going off course (jabroni) or will you just laugh it off and run it in anyway (cool person)?

Bib numbers have been assigned. Take a look at the entrants list on Ultrasignup. You should see your bib number listed. It is VERY important to wear this prominently because we do not have chip timing. We MUST be able to see your bib displayed to get you timed properly.

Parking - DO NOT GO TO HAVENS PARK!!! We are in the Sportsfield (ballfields/skatepark) Parking lot adjacent to Havens Park. NW corner of the parking lot. We will run from there into Havens Park.

There is no pavilion and are no bathrooms there. I know this sucks but that's the way it is. We are getting the city of Leavenworth to build bathrooms here soon... partly thanks to your participation.... but for now there is nothing. But we are going to hang out, stand around, have some chili and drinks... so maybe bring some bag chairs? Something to make you comfortable. There will be a couple of porta potties for sure no worries there!

The race time for the 5 miler is being moved to 8:30am.

This will:
- Get everyone closer to the same finishing time (still far apart, but closer)
- Alleviate some congestion
- Allow 5m runners to sleep in 10 minutes longer
- Packet pickup still the same (starts at 715am) but if in 5m you can pickup up until 8:30
- Ensures 5m runners don't eat all the chili before 10m runners are done!
- 5m runners now have their own prestigious designation of being those that started at 8.... THIRTY!
- It's written in red which is pretty cool
- If you absolutely MUST run it at 8 still you can (find me race morning), but I encourage you to join your compatriots at 830!

One final word of warning. Check out the two images below. Some people nimbly dart among these and some do not.
We have taken great pains to remove hundreds of these over the years... but alas... some remain. Chris was even out there
THIS WEEK removing another 10 of them! They will getcha. You have been warned.
...and finally. We are pleased to inform you that we will be donating a significant portion of the profits collected from this race to not only further our trail building and maintenance efforts, but we will be donating a large sum to the local Interfaith Community of Hope - Shelter for the houseless in Leavenworth.

This is great timing because they are in their month of November in which they hope to take in a lot of donations. We have selected this charity to give to because they themselves give so freely and selflessly. I have personally talked to many of the residents of the Interfaith Community of Hope and they are a kind lot of people some of who are genuinely down on their luck and just looking for a hand up. There have been many success stories born here.

Another reason we have selected this is because we have personally witnessed homeless here at Havens Park. It is not a super common occurrence but it does happen. When it does often times these people have run out of places to go.

We are very happy to be able to donate to this organization and encourage you should you be so inclined to donate yourself -- but you already have. Your participation in our race helps build trails - and also build lives. Thank you!