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Los Lobos 3 or 6 hour challenge
Saturday February 11, 2023 8am/11am
Shelter 14, Wyandotte County Lake Park

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Race Week Details:

- We are having a pre-race day packet pickup at our sponsor, Double-Shift Brewing in the Crossroads this Friday in Kansas City. Their address is: 412 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Packet will consist of shirt, bib, beanie only. This is OPTIONAL. We will be having packet pickup on race day starting at 7am, and be on-going through 11am when the 3hr race begins. We will have a short pre-race brief 10 minutes before each race.

- Bib numbers will be assigned right after the online registration closes at midnight tonight (Wednesday), so take a look and see what your lucky number is!

-There will be a designated spot at the shelter for drop bags if you choose to use one. It will be near the fully staffed aid station to get you in and out as fast as possible. 

- Parking will be fun! This may be one of the largest events ever at Shelter 14, but the capacity here can be deceptively generous. There is a rough map on the web page of where to park. As you enter the area, we will be starting the run on the road to the right of the shelter house, and using the front of the shelter house for race amenities. Just about anywhere else in the area is fair game - please park smartly. If it comes to it, there is a very large parking lot .3 miles away you probably passed as you entered the park at the Marina.

- For those coming later to the 3 hour run, you can access shelter 14 easily from the back-side. See map on web page (link at bottom). Please come from this direction to avoid driving on the race course.

- Lunch will be served starting right around 1pm. Don’t worry if you are still running (race ends at 2pm) - we are going to have plenty of food (but if you start a loop at 1:59pm and go out for a couple of hours, no promises). Catered by Don Antonios… don't miss it! We should also have plenty of beverages for all. There are quite a few benches but consider bringing a bag chair, etc. 

- If you signed up for the race after January 20th - we did order some extra shirts, but we are going to run out! If you miss a shirt and/or beanie - they will be mailed out or available for pickup sometime after the race.

- If you must bring your dog, please have a well behaved dog that will not bark during race briefs. Or like, bite people. Must be leashed.

- Mud/Weather. What mud? Will the trail close? No it will not. We will have the run on the trails no matter what. It could be muddy, slick, treacherous! In any case please be careful out there and remember to have fun!

Please check this page and refresh it as well any time you want to re-read any of this or see if there is something we added that wasn’t covered here. Send in any questions if you still have some and see you on Race Day! 

If coming after the 8am/6hour start, please use the rear access to Shelter 14 area seen here:
Red, Running Route - Green Your Route.

parking 2

As you enter the parking area, please do not park directly in front of the shelter house.
There should be plenty of parking all around, but take care to park smartly.